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-Right now working on a level editor

AutomaTASK is a game where you have to program using really simple code the movement / actions of your robots with the objective of bring the blue cube to the red platform.

Select one of the 3 robots available in each spawn platform , the number of spawn platform varies depending the level

Then you can start programing you robot by clicking it and adding TASKS , for add a new task write "add" followed by the TASK and his parameters if needed for example "add forward 4" , you can check all the commands and tasks writing "help" in console.

Type of robots:

Charger:   This robot can use the command "add charge" for activate the platforms underneath of him , this platform will trigger the bridge of the same color.

Claws: This robot can use the command "add tgglgrab" for grab and drop the blue cubes or mirrors.


Laser: This robot can use the command "add laser" for activa a laser which can activate buttons in the walls, thi button will trigger bridges of the same color.

After selecting you robot , you can start adding task by clicking it and writing the commands in the command line. You can type "help" for display all the commands available in the robot

You can use the time measurer by Right clicking and dragging for calculate how long will take the robot go from point to point.

if you think you are done for testing , you can execute all the robots by pressing the Play button in the bottom right of the screen 

You complete the level when you succesfully bring the blue cube to the red zone using the robots

Discord: https://discord.gg/Zg65uEd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/is_cheka


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Version 71
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Version 4

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excellent game, it would lack the language in Spanish but only for the instructions, that the commands are in English

Awesome game!